Meal Planner

Download our WeeklyMealPlanner for free!  It includes bento templates and is a useful tool for streamlining both cost and time.  The art of “bento-ing” can help you considerably when preparing the week’s lunches, but why stop there?  If you share ingredients for all your meals, you can simplify the meal-preparing process all together!

For more ideas on what to pack, download my SampleMealPlanner.

There is no limit to the combinations and recipes you can try, but some important aspects to remember are:

- Eat Healthy  Include fruit, vegetables, protein, and carbs into your diet each day.

- Save Money  Reuse ingredients and revamp leftovers like turning last night’s dinner into a casserole, salad or wrap.

- Be Creative  Keep your meals diverse so you can eat something exciting everyday!

- Have Fun!  Use shaped cut-outs, imaginative finger foods, and unique combinations of flavors, textures and colors!

3 comments on “Meal Planner

  1. My co-worker bought me this bento lunch box and I thought it was too small to eat lunch. Thanks for your lunch Ideas- it is perfect

  2. I thought my bento box was too small for lunches when I first got it, but I found myself unable to finish the first meal I packed! It has helped me make more healthy, mindful meals. I love my bento box!

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